@louist91Sorry had to upload this ha :) 2nd time lucky !

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can you find me, i feel like there’s doors closing behind me

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1. Draws breath 2. Sings the dreaded line in “She’s Not Afraid” 3. Thank god it’s over x

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Anonymous: From your magnets and mirrors post, part 5, the high five has always reminded me more of that line from Romeo and Juliet "let lips do what hands do". Feels more like palms kissing than a high five *sigh*


and palm to palm is holy palmer’s kiss~*

you’re right :(

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One Direction Gotta be you/big brown poo Lyric change Larry Ft Lauderdale (by traintrackzzz)

Harry’s like: “Big brown poo? No,man… I’m not gonna…” and he still does it omg. HE IS BEYOND WHIPPED.

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