Anonymous: do you have any favorite zayn x niall fics?

haha when i said i like to read ziall best i mostly meant…i sometimes very very very occasionally read ziall. honestly i’m shit when it comes to paying attention to anything other than louis/harry especially to the point of actually reading fic. BUT i have read a few here and there.

i’ve saved these even though i think they’re mostly porn

i’m definitely not the person to go to for like, the ziall classics or anything though. maybe ask my boo tomlinbuns?? i know she really ships them :)

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  1. tomlinbuns said: JAMIE i liked this before i read it bc links to ziall fics (cmon one can never have enough imo) and then i read it like oh HEY thats me!!! lmao what a dork i am
  2. pinkrangertao-archive said: tangledbeats.livejourna… tbqh
  3. peterpansfright said: the only one i know is this, which is a wip but it’s fantastic:…
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